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XGAME Ranks | Positions

4/19/2015, 4:09 pm by XGame

XGAME Ranks | Positions 



Only XGAME And UNDEAD or can use this rank

Moderator Lvl 5

Can get if you moderated 10 sections.

Moderator Level 4

Can get if you moderated 8-9 sections.

Moderator Level 3

Can get if you moderated 6-7 sections.

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XGAME NEWS @ [1:40 PM] 4/11/2015

4/11/2015, 1:46 pm by XGame

Forum News:
There are new Smilies2, All Member Here they can be used in the Thread and Reply and Private Message.

=[ =] aok arr baba bai bish :boh: eww fmm gassum gwed thumbsup thumbssup ahah hai mmz mhu nope plss salute tehe timeout tired yaahman ty yesno yays


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